Life is the expression of human talent and potential

We are born with the purpose of realizing our potential. Our self-actualization unfolds as we physically and mentally develop. However, this unfolding is hindered by unintentional interferences. These interferences instill uncertainty, block happiness, cause emotional distress, and distort our mental reconstruction of who we are

Our 2-hour introductory seminar provides a general overview about the process of Being and the development of interferences.
Our series of 4 seminars offers a more in depth understanding of self-actualization, its process, and the source of these unintentional interferences to release your talent and happiness.
Our one-day workshop examines the complex dynamics underlying a specific Personal, Family, Social, or Professional issue to help resume personal growth.
Our workshops (from 2 to 5 days) offer a more in depth work to solve a specific Personal, Family, Social, or Professional issue.

Examples of issues

  • Personal Issue: Abandon, Adoption. Addiction, Behavior, Codependence, development. Self Harm.
  • Family Issue: Adoption. Couple. Parents and Children. Siblings rivalry. Divorce. Separation.
  • Social Issue: Exclusion, Jealousy, Shyness.
  • Professional: Leadership, Achieving goals, Setting goals, Organizational performance, development, Team work.

For more information, please contact us and tell us which topics you are interested in.
Thank you.