Brigitte Crépin, the founder of Zoe Praxis, is a Psychotherapist (licensed from the University of Toulouse, France 1992), whose proven therapeutic approach has been developed over decades of research and case studies.

Brigitte approaches her practice from the perspective of sentience ontology, an approach that places an emphasis on the philosophical study of the nature of being, with a distinction between the ability to reason and the ability to feel (sentience).

Brigitte’s cutting edge theory provides a road map of corrective action to regain happiness and revive individual energy, thereby resulting in greater self fulfillment. Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist, Brigitte had an extensive career in international business, holding a number of executive and business consulting positions. She successfully worked in foreign markets including Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Organization and Administration from the University of Paris and an advanced degree in International Economics from Cambridge University.

After several decades of practice, Brigitte has founded Zoe Praxis to help more people searching for a means to alleviate their distressing feelings and give a sense to their life.